Advent calendar

Where I come from, there is the tradition to make a calendar from the 1. to the 24. of December, for the people you love. Everyday one little gift. In case you need some inspiration, here my list of gifts I made for my girlfriend this year Christmas Dekoration Christmas Dekoration Christmas Dekoration Christmas Dekoration Ice skating Candles Biscuit cutters and recipes Funny stickers Color pencils Coupon for iTunes/ Spotify/ etc. Glass bubbles Facebook post

UniFi Controller on FreeBSD

Here is a short tutorial how to get the UniFi Controller running on FreeBSD 10.3. Have fun Install the required packages openjdk8 mongodb snappy portmaster java/openjdk8 databases/mongodb archivers/snappy-java Download and unpack mkdir /opt cd /opt fetch unzip Ajustments cause it's FreeBSD cd UniFi ln -s /usr/local/bin/mongod bin/mongod mv

Music for Coding

I guess all of you know the problem, you can't focus because it's to noisie. For situations like this I've prepared my Coding Playlist on Apple Music or TIDAL which can be found on Apple Music. Most important, the songs are without any vocals. I'm adding continuously new songs to this playlist. In combination with the Bose QuietComfort 25 (affiliate) I'm not longer get ripped out of my work.

TFTP Server on Mac OS

From time to time I need to use TFTP for recovering routers or VoIP phones. Until today I've used my Windows PC because I didn't know that Mac OS X has a built in TFPT server. Here is how to start a TFTP server on Mac OS X Start the Terminal app Enable the TFTP service sudo launchctl load -F /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/tftp.plist Launch the TFTP Server sudo launchctl start

Using a Raspberry Pi for the Monitoring Dashboard

After successfully implementing Icinga there was just one step to perfection, a huge screen or projector displaying the errors and hosts that are down. Because in our office there is no place for a projector we decided to buy a TV. There are two more advantages you get with a TV: On all this new devices you get HDMI and powered USB-ports. So there came along the idea to use a Raspberry Pi B to

Create a iSCSI target on FreeBSD with ZFS

The easiest way using ZFS for a Share is to create an iSCSI target. With iSCSI you can have all the ZFS advantages in Windows. In this post I will show you how to create it on FreeBSD and use it in Windows. At first you have to create a ZFS block device for the LUN. This is needed because iSCSI is accessing the disk block based. zfs create -V 3T tank/backup For exporting